Welcome to US Eldercare

During the course of the year in my accounting practice, a growing number of clients have expressed a need to find out information regarding the care of their parents.  As I respond to the accounting, financial, estate planning questions, I regularly hear questions about other eldercare needs from caregivers, my clients.

Consequently, I’ve canvassed senior care professionals, such as social workers, geriatricians, nurse specialists, professional organizers, who have committed to join me to fill a growing need and with US Eldercare, establish a central location for information and guidance. Now caregivers can get answers to questions regarding eldercare services, while providing a road map to related resources.

It’s also a benefit to build a social network presence for caregivers, as well as their parents. By reading blogs, publishing questions and getting helpful answers in a forum, it becomes a useful online tool to share as you face the same obstacles and needs as you face.

One of our team experts will be distributing information regarding a living will, DNR (do not resuscitate) and DNI (do not intubate) instructions, durable power of attorney, living wills, health care proxy and other forms that you or a friend, neighbor or relative may need.

This is not a platform to receive legal advice. The purpose it to help provide an idea to what has to be done, and, when necessary help provide an introduction to the appropriate professional who can answer questions and provide guidance.

Our team will be availaable to answer your questions and provide the guidance you need.

Jeffery R. Pearlman C.P.A.