• Who we are:

U.S. Eldercare is web-based coordinator our goal is to help you find the help needed to get appropriate care through an organized simple way of understanding and getting access to the resources needed in order to promote the health and over all safety of a elderly relative. Equally important is the need for caregivers to feel that they have access to the knowledge needed to help their loved one. And most importantly we are focused to help reduce the stress that can be associated during a transition period so that you can attend to new needs of someone who is growing old.

• Define, Understand, and Manage your needs.
Providing Information: a web-based resource center
Share with other caregivers and learn how you get the information you need for the appropriate care of your elderly relationship

Reducing Stress
o read about others who have had the same experiences
o find information on through web based resources that we have organized for your convenience
o be able to communicate with others and share experiences, successes, hurdles & problems and how they can be addressed with the least amount of success.
o Have access to professionals such as social workers, educators, attorneys, physicians, providers of related resources.


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