U.S. Eldercare helps to provide the information needed during a transition period for the elderly. The information provided will guide and enable caregivers to know what to do and where to get access to professionals who specialize in providing services for the elderly, provide access to information, caregivers, products, and services.

Our resources are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are a resource center that is available to prevent confusion and reduce the stress that everyone feels when a physical or emotional condition of a loved one is in transition; when help and guidance is needed the route toward help is available

  • Learn what steps should be taken when you are not under the duress of an emergency. See how to plan to be ready with the appropriate health care needs.
  • What should you do to prepare legally
  • How do you protect your estate?
  • What are safe and caring solutions that are available for an elderly loved one
  • Learn to understand and plan for.
    Health care needs
    The Safety and Security
    Where to go for assistance
    Money management/financial services


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